Let the Games begin…

The Olympic Cauldron is lit in Sochi (Photograph: Team GB)

The Olympic cauldron is lit in Sochi (Photograph: Team GB)

Yesterday we witnessed the official opening of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, and despite the controversy surrounding the event, the Russians put on a good show. This show wasn’t however, without its mishaps…

There was an Olympic ring that didn’t light, a frightening animated bear and some out of sequence synchronised dancing. (They also seemed to skip over the whole Stalin-era – I wonder why) But aside from these, the ceremony was pretty spectacular, with fireworks galore and the impressive lighting of the Olympic cauldron at the end with a little help from Maria Sharapova.

It was encouraging to see alpine ski racing athletes such as Florence Bell from Ireland and Luke Steyn from Zimbabwe (They’re first ever competitor) flying the flag for their respective countries, and Team GB were also out in force. We caught a glimpse of GB racer Chemmy Alcott, but unfortunately Dave ‘The Rocket’ Ryding was no where to be seen…

Team GB at the Opening Ceremony with flag bearer Jon Eley (Photograph: Team GB)

Team GB at the Opening Ceremony with flag bearer Jon Eley (Photograph: Team GB)

In other Games news hilarious images have arisen involving the sorry state of some of the facilities in Sochi. Check out some of the pictures from journalists and athletes here.

To see a full schedule of the events taking place at the Games over the next two weeks, visit the official Sochi website. The eagerly anticipated Men’s Downhill will take place tomorrow morning (Sunday 9th February), and you can catch Chemmy Alcott and Dave Ryding in the Slalom, Super-G and Downhill disciplines. A huge good luck to all of Team GB’s athletes competing at the Games.



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